Time for the County Fair!

Look where we went today!
Fair Dates

Of course, if you know that today is the 6th and happened to notice that all those dates are in the future, you might be thinking our calendar was off and we went too early. Don’t worry, we had it right!

Dropping off entries
Today was the day to drop off fair entries. We had never done this before, but I made jam and thought it might be fun to enter it. After looking at all the entries for kids, Zoe decided to enter one of her stories. We dropped those off this morning while hockey boy was at practice.

Log Cabin at Carver County Fair
We also took advantage of the fact that the fair was not actually open and grabbed a picture of this building. See that? It’s one of the first barn quilt squares in the county collection! A log cabin square on the log cabin, of course.

Log Cabin Quilt Square at Carver County Fair
If you want to see this square in person, your options are pretty limited. If the fairgrounds are closed, the closest you can get to it is the view from the other side of the chain link fence.

Log Cabin at Carver County Fair

Do you go to your county fair? Have you entered anything? Maybe next year I’ll be brave and enter something I’ve sewn in the fair.

Happy Sewing!

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