Project in progress

Over the years, I have joined a lot of quilt square swaps. It’s fun to send off my yard of fabric cut into 30 6.5″ squares and get back 30 different squares. Unfortunately, I’ve also discovered I’m not very good at doing anything with them after they come back.

My youngest, Jack, is in first grade this year and about two months ago I realized that if I didn’t use those squares soon, I wouldn’t have anyone here who’d be interested in having such a quilt.

So, I sorted them out and Jack and I picked out 65 pairs to use on his quilt. I sewed them up and then the holidays came. The quilt top was moved out of the way so I could get other things done. But those assembled squares have been taunting me as the quilt top hung in my sewing space. I worried I might have to dust the whole thing if I didn’t do something soon.

I’d bought some marbled green and blue fabrics to use for the border, planning to sew a thin green border and a thicker blue one. I laid them out, trying to decide what the widths of each should be. Then I started procrastinating thinking. Maybe it would be better if it had a thin blue and then green for the outer?

I played with the fabrics in the living room, trying to determine which way would be better.
quilt borders option

That didn’t help. I decided the only possible solution was to mess around in Photoshop to have whole pictures to look at instead of the small corners. Now, if you haven’t already scanned ahead, I’ll warn you – Photoshop is not on my list of skills. What you are about to look at may horrify you. I’m sorry about that. Peek anyway and help me choose please?

Here’s the blue outer –
quilt borders option - blue

Here’s the green outer –
quilt borders option - green

Which one should I go with?


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