Are you sewing? Week One of the Stash Game is coming to a close!

Just a bit of time left for those sewing in my timezone for the first week of the February Stash Game!

Hopefully those of you who are playing are doing better than I am. I managed to finish this, though –

Big Sister Machine Applique Complete

I haven’t washed it since I finished it, so the lettuce edge is going to curl more once it runs through the laundry, but I’ll let my sister do that.

How are you doing? Sewing up a storm? If you’re just stopping in, feel free to join, you can just start wherever you are. :) Here’s a link to more info in the forum.

Happy Sewing!

A little bit of sewing

I’ve been working on the forums lately, and making bad faces at my embroidery machine as I tried to get this applique to stitch out nicely.

Big Sister Machine Applique Shirt

This one’s still not perfect, but after multiple stitch-outs, I’m calling it good. I’d also like to get it in the mail to my niece while it might still fit her. :)

So, today’s question – turn under and hem the sleeves and bottom or lettuce edge them?

Happy Sewing!

Another run through KS 2912

Good news is that the sweatshirt I made my nephew fit him! Bad news is, he really doesn’t know who Snoopy is! He did like Jack’s Tow Mater shirt, so I made another one of those in his size. It’s all set except for the fusi-knit on the back, but I’m waiting for it to dry after I washed off the water soluble stabilizer from the front. I’m hoping to get it in the mail Monday or Tuesday.

Tow Mater sweatshirt Kwik Sew 2912

Snoopy, for my nephew

This is Kwik Sew 2912 again, this time in a 3T, which I’m hoping will either fit my nephew or leave him room to grow.

Snoopy Baseball sweatshirt, Kwik Sew 2912

I forgot to mention it before, but this is the neatest fabric. It looks like a sweater knit on the front, but inside it’s the nicest soft fleece.

Colors in the embroidery –
C&C White
C&C Black
C&C G8 51 (brown)
Mettler poly sheen 5643 (dk green)
Mettler poly sheen 1805 (red)

Tow Mater

Kwik Sew 2912 in 4T. This is before washing out the stabilizer on the front.
Kwik Sew 2912 Boy's 4T Sweatshirt

This has two layers of water soluble on the top and a layer each of solvy sticky and cut away on the bottom.

Colors as follows –
1. C&C Black
2. Sulky Yellow
3. C&C D8-543
4. C&C C9-300A
5. C&C G8-256
6. C&C E7-57A

Jamma jamma jamma jamma, pj!

I made these a few weeks ago and am in the process of making another pair. Kwik Sew 3016, size 6 with the length of size 7 in the bottoms and an additional inch in the sleeves.


The embroidery for the top on the second one just finished.

The design is from Bunnycup Embroidery. It’s stabilized with a layer of Sulky Sticky + on the bottom and two layers of Super Solvy water soluble on top. Pink microfleece – cozy for winter.

Embroidery thread and colors:
1 – Coats & Clark 18-460
2 – C&C H8-48A
3 – C&C J8-158
4 – C&C UB-277
5 – C&C G6-38

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