Common (and not so common) Sewing Related Abbreviations

CAW – cut away stabilizer for embroidery
CB- Center Back
CC – Coats and Clark thread
CF – Center Front
c/l – cotton lycra
CS – Coverstitch
FL – Fold Line
FOE – Fold Over Elastic
GL – Grain Line
HTF – Hard to Find
ITH – In The Hoop embroidery design files used to make complete projects on the embroidery machine
KSFT – Kwik Sew For Toddlers – Book of patterns for toddlers published by Kwik Sew
LFS – Local Fabric Store/Shop
LWI – Low Water Immersion dyeing
MM – Malden Mills – brand of fleece aka Polartec
MM – Michael Miller – fabric manufacturer
MTO – Made To Order
OOAK – One of a Kind
PPD – Postage Paid Domestic (shipping within the country of origin is included in the price)
PUL – Polyurethane Laminate – A fabric that is treated on one side to make it waterproof. Often used for diaper covers, wetbags, changing pads, etc
QAYG – Quilt As You Go
RST – Right Sides Together
RS – Right Side
RTS – Ready To Ship
RTW – Ready To Wear – Clothing purchased retail, not homemade
SA – Seam Allowance
SAL – Sew Along
SNS or S&S – Sew and Show
TAW – Tear Away Stabilizer
TTS – True To Size
UFO – Unfinished Object
WIP – work in progress
WOF – width of fabric
WS – Wrong Side
WSS – water soluble stabilizer for embroidery
WST – Wrong Sides Together

Conversational –
BTDT – been there, done that
BTW – by the way
DD – dear/darling daughter
DH – dear/darling husband
FS – for sale
FSOT – for sale or trade
FTR – for the record
FWIW – for what it’s worth
HTH – hope that helps
IDSO – In desperate search of
IMO – In My Opinion
ISO – In Search Of
KWIM – Know What I Mean
LMK – Let me know
LO – Little One(s) (referring to children)
NAK – Nursing at keyboard
OP – original post(er)
OT – off topic
PLMK – Please let me know
PM – private message
PP – PayPal
SO – significant other
TIA – Thanks in Advance
TY – Thank You
YK – You Know?

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