Hosting a Quilt Square Swap!

cut squares
I just finished hosting a quilt square swap. If you haven’t participated in one before, here’s how it works.

Each swap has 30 spots in it. Each participant signs up for one or more spots. For each spot, one yard of fabric is sent in. For each yard, 30 different 6.5″ squares are returned, including one from the yard sent in by the participant.

In the past, each participant has sent in their squares already cut. For this swap, participants sent in uncut fabric and I ran it through my Accuquilt Studio cutter to make the squares.

Accuquilt Studio

This worked really well. However, there were a couple things I didn’t consider.
1) Fabric sent through the mail needs to be ironed before it can be cut into squares.
2) I can cut one yard of fabric pretty quickly to make 30 squares. However, doing this 30 times takes a while!
While ironing, cutting and sorting, I played through an entire season of Mad Men on Netflix and made my teen sit through Sneakers!

cut squares

In this case, two swaps ran at the same time to make shipping costs more economical for participants. So, those piles each contain 900 squares. 1800 squares total from 60 yards of fabric.

Once cut, the fabrics are sorted into piles containing one of each print. Here are the dots:
sorted dots squares

Then I stacked them just to get them out of the way so there was room to pack them!
all sorted squares

Once sorted and packed by destination, they just need postage!
all packed squares

One waiting for an address, but the rest are ready to ship! I will drop them off at the post office since I try not to leave big piles of mail for the mail carrier without giving him advance warning.

I am looking forward to seeing what all these squares become!

Happy Sewing!


Signup for the Winter Doll Quilt Swap!

Remember this post about the fall doll quilt swap?
Falling Into Leaves - Doll Quilt Swap 2012

It’s time for the 2013 Winter Doll Quilt Swap!

Signup in the forum – here by February 1st. This swap is open to everyone, and a great way to see if you like swapping!

Confused or full of ideas? You can share ideas and get clarity by posting in this thread in the forum.

Mail your package by March 1st.

Wait for your new quilt to arrive!

For inspiration, a couple more from the Fall Swap:
Dina’s quilt:
Fall Colors - Doll Quilt Swap 2012

Ruth Ann’s paper pieced leaves:
Paper Pieced Maple Leaves - Doll Quilt Swap 2012

Lorraine’s doll quilt made with “Bella” by Lotta Jansdotter in the Poppy colorway:
Bella in poppy - Doll Quilt Swap 2012

Happy Sewing and Swapping!

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