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The Sewing Mamas blog is a connection between our sewing community and the outside world. Access to our forums is free, but requires registration to view or post in many of its sections.

The majority of our members reside in the United States, but we also have active members in Canada, the UK, Australia, and more. Most members are females, ages 23-65, who love to sew either as a hobby or profession.


We accept advertising that is family friendly and relevant to our members’ interests. We reserve the right to reject ads for any reason and will not allow advertising that, in our judgment, conflicts with our family friendly atmosphere or is from a competing sewing or craft forum. You can buy advertising here.

Product Reviews & Giveaways:

Review or giveaway opportunities are welcomed as long as products are relevant to our readers. Some examples include: sewing and crafting products such as tools, fabrics, books, yarn, and related items for organizing or storing our stash of fabrics and tools.

To have your product reviewed, you must submit a retail product. This product will not be returned to you except in the unlikely event we are unable to provide a positive review of it, in which case you may have it sent back to you at your expense.

Giveaways are welcomed for reviewed products and will be posted at the time of the product review. Giveaways should be sent directly to the winner, not to Sewing Mamas. We will occasionally offer giveaways without product reviews, but we usually want to be familiar with the product being given away, so this type of giveaway is not common. If you do not have a means of entry for a giveaway on your site, we will use Rafflecopter for entry collection and winner selection on this blog. If you want to offer bonus entries for Facebook or Twitter actions from entrants, please let me know. You may not require a purchase for entry, nor offer bonus entries for purchases.

For further inquiries, or if you have a product you would like reviewed, contact us at

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