June Challenges!

It’s June!
How are you doing with these monthly challenges?

The Monthly Challenge for June 2013:

June – Make it Sew Organized!
Use your sewing skills to organize your space or yourself! There’s plenty of room for creativity in the interpretation of this one. Perhaps you could use a fabric bowl (check the tute!) to hold the keys in your kitchen? Or the assortment of hair ties in your bathroom? Maybe a place to toss the collection of remotes in the family room?
fabric bowl

Or maybe you need a bag to collect all your library books?
Perhaps you need a travel bag (check the tute!) to collect all your cosmetics and toiletries before your next trip or just to contain them in your cupboard?
boxy bag
Maybe you need a needle roll to organize your knitting needles? Or a crayon roll to contain the crayons so you don’t find them melting under (or on!) the car seats this summer?
Maybe your sewing space would be a bit more organized with a new pin cushion made to match your room, or made in a favorite color or print that you’ve been hoarding the last scraps of? Whatever your organizational need is, use your sewing skills to get it done!

And, the June Christmas Challenge!

June’s Christmas Challenge:
Seasonal placemats or napkins ~ Make these as simple or complex as you like. Remember those huge holiday prints you thought were so fun at the fabric store and then realized they didn’t really go with anything? They are great for the kids’ placemats or napkins! Perhaps you want the simple elegance of a solid with a tidy rolled hem? If it works for you, it works! Just have fun creating something you will use next winter!

Happy Sewing!


March’s Sewing Challenges

Helloooo March!
How are you doing with these monthly challenges? This month we’ve got an easy one and more challenging one for you.

The Monthly Challenge for March 2013:

March – Step Outside Your Box!
Do something you’re not comfortable doing. Jeans with the zipper, hand embroider tea towels, mix 5 prints in one dress. If you think you’ve done it all, start a thread and ask for suggestions or crack open one of those books on your shelf. There is always something new to try!

And, the March Christmas Challenge!

March’s Christmas Challenge:
Reusable Gift Bags ~ Make these as simple or complex as you like, what’s important is that they work for you!

Picnik collage
Image credit:Elin B

Also, remember to get your stash game points tallied and entered! The stash game ended at midnight your time on February 28th. It’s over, rover!


Happy Sewing!


February’s Sewing Challenges

I can’t believe it’s February already. Of course, it’s freeeeezing here in the Midwest, so hopefully things will go well with the groundhog tomorrow and spring will come early. I’ve never really understood that whole thing – if he sees his shadow, we get more winter, right? But if he sees his shadow, doesn’t that mean the sun is out, so shouldn’t that mean we get spring? Of course, if you were the groundhog and you came up from your cozy hole in the ground to see a whole bunch of people waiting for you, would you stick around? Ack! We’re doomed to winter!!

Did you finish January’s challenges? Yes? Good job! No? Well, it’s a new month, let’s just pick up and carry on. :)

First up, the Monthly Challenge for February 2013:

February – Take time for you!
We’ve made it through the hustle of the holiday season, and the kids are back in school. Sometime before you find yourself knee deep in Valentine’s crafting, (or after you’ve given up on vacuuming up all the glitter!) take the time to make something for yourself. A new top or bag, perhaps? Or a new pair of yoga pants to go with your New Year’s Resolution to get healthier? You deserve it!

Yoga time!

Image credit: lululemon athletica

Second, our February Christmas Challenge!

February’s Christmas Challenge:
Make a table runner, wall hanging or doll quilt with a Christmas holiday or winter theme.

It just so happens  that you can pop over to the forums today and sign up for the winter doll quilt swap that’s happening this month. Sign up to swap a doll quilt or wall hanging so you’ll be committed to getting it done! (Hurry, today’s the last day to sign up!)

Here’s a lovely table runner made by Lily, whose work is found on Flickr at cascade_lily
Christmas07 002


Happy Sewing!

ps – here’s a link if you can’t make it to Punxsutawney, PA to scare the groundhog in person and want to watch him from the comfort of your home.

Welcome 2013!


Welcome to the New Year. We’ve got lots of plans for the year, starting with not one but TWO new sets of Monthly Challenges!

We’ve had tons of fun with the Monthly Challenges for the last couple years, this year we’re adding a second set of Monthly Challenges to get you ready for Christmas*. The plan is to get you ready for the big day before it sneaks up on you. (How does that happen??)  So, we’ll have Monthly Challenges and a Christmas Challenge each month.

First up, the first Monthly Challenge for 2013:

January – Finish What You Started:
Bind that unfinished quilt, put the buttons on the camp shirt you started last summer, or finish what someone else started. If you are starting the month without a single UFO in sight, we are in awe of your sewing prowess and your challenge is to finish all the projects you start this month! End January without any UFOs!

Second, our first Christmas Challenge!

January’s Christmas Challenge:
We’ve got two things for you to do this month! First, January is a great time to pick up holiday fabrics at clearance prices! So, your first mission is to shop! Second, the January project is to make a holiday bunting/banner or other holiday home decoration. And, of course, we have a tutorial to guide you – get it here!

ChristmasBannerDon’t need another Christmas decoration? This would be fun with winter themed fabrics in blues and whites to carry you through the winter months. You could also attach snowflakes (or trees or stockings…)  instead of triangles! Lots of possibilities.

What’s in your UFO pile?


Happy Sewing!

* Don’t celebrate Christmas? No problem! Many of our Christmas challenges will adapt easily to other winter holidays, or you may want to adapt them as more generically seasonal items. Snowflakes have no denomination!



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