March’s Sewing Challenges

Helloooo March!
How are you doing with these monthly challenges? This month we’ve got an easy one and more challenging one for you.

The Monthly Challenge for March 2013:

March – Step Outside Your Box!
Do something you’re not comfortable doing. Jeans with the zipper, hand embroider tea towels, mix 5 prints in one dress. If you think you’ve done it all, start a thread and ask for suggestions or crack open one of those books on your shelf. There is always something new to try!

And, the March Christmas Challenge!

March’s Christmas Challenge:
Reusable Gift Bags ~ Make these as simple or complex as you like, what’s important is that they work for you!

Picnik collage
Image credit:Elin B

Also, remember to get your stash game points tallied and entered! The stash game ended at midnight your time on February 28th. It’s over, rover!


Happy Sewing!


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