First Sewing Projects

My daughter is learning to sew. We’ll talk about that at another time.

Do you remember your first sewing project? When I was last at my mom’s house, I dug through her sewing drawer and found this pattern.


Ah, yes. I grew up in the 80s. Anyone remember the Units stores at the mall? Six pieces, endless options! Also more expensive than my babysitting budget could afford. But, with my mom’s sewing machine, I made myself a pair of blue pants and a blue shirt. Those pieces were paired with the one thing I could afford at the store – a red bandeau. I’m sure we are all just heartbroken that there is no pictorial evidence of that bit of fabulousness.

What was your first project?

ps – Did you know that Sandra Garratt, the creator of Units, launched a line called Multiples in 1989? It looks like a rebrand of Units. I was in high school at that time, I don’t remember it being popular. We had moved on to other things by then. In 2011, the series was relaunched as ModBox.

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