Final days of the stash game!

The Stash Game is in its final days!

Here’s how last week shook out:
Top Ten Points - week 3
1. thelittlesewingshop
2. Topview
3. Elphaba
4. limegreenvw
6. OneBusyMama
7. charlene
8. quartercentury
9. momtoesther
10. kpfjpf

Top Ten Yards Sewn - week 3
1. kpfjpf
2. Topview
3. thelittlesewingshop
4. charlene
5. quartercentury
6. OneBusyMama
7. Elphaba
7. rxclothing

There weren’t as many weekly submissions for week three as there were for week two. I don’t know if people forgot to get their numbers in, or if they are just keeping their totals secret until the end of the month…

This is the first game where we’ve kept yardage separate from point totals, and we’ve simplified the rules tremendously. It’ll be interesting to see how the game totals end up.

If you’re sewing, remember, you have until Midnight in your timezone on the 28th to get those items done! Make sure you grab those Monthly Challenge and Christmas Challenge bonuses this month for an additional 5 points each!

How’s your sewing going this month?

Happy Sewing!

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