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Why Advertise with Sewing Mamas?

Sewing Mamas is truly a global sewing circle, started on July 4, 2005. In this sewing forum we chat about sewing, children and life. We have over 17,000 members in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Kuwait, Israel, Great Britain and China. 

Sewing Mamas is an integral and growing part of the sewing and natural parenting community. Our membership grows daily.  Our main demographic is women ages 18-65 who sew as a hobby or for a profession.  However, we welcome all sewists of all ages. They are intelligent and family oriented.  All ads must be family friendly.

Our main support always goes to the Work at Home Parent -- usually referred to as a WAHM.  Sewing Mamas  gets a LOT of daily traffic and dozens of new members everyday,  to a very niche market! We offer advertising based on how long you would like your ad to run.

To create a free account, add a banner, check your current stats, or change your account information, SIGN UP OR LOGIN HERE.

We offer three ad packages, with different pricing, all are a GREAT value.

1.   Website Headers 468x60 appear at the top of each page on our site, in random rotation

2.   Block Advertisements  125x125 appear to the left of your screen, on every forum page in random rotation

3.   Mini Advertisements  120x60 appear to the left of each page of the forums

coming soon...   Text Advertisements appear to the left and at the bottom of each forum page in random rotation

You are responsible for creating your own banners, or having a banner made for you.

Here are some basics you need to know about advertising with SM...

  • Banners MUST be 468 x 60 pixels, 120 x 120 pixels, or 120x60 

  • Currently all Payments are through Paypal in the future we may add other services.   If you are a Sponsor or Member of Sewing Mamas, Private Message mom2a2z and you can have the option of sending a USPS money order for payment.

  • Package Type: Time Based
      Package Name Duration Price  
     Size : 468x60 px
      Website Headers 468x60 12 months 12 Months $ 125.00 LOGIN HERE
      Website Headers 468x60 6 months 6 Months $ 80.00 LOGIN HERE
      Website Headers 468x60 3 months 3 Months $ 50.00 LOGIN HERE
     Size : 125x125 px
      Block Advertisements 125x125 ` 12 months 12 Months $ 90.00 LOGIN HERE
      Block Advertisements 125x125 ~ 6 months 6 Months $ 60.00 LOGIN HERE
      Block Advertisements 125x125 3 months 3 Months $ 40.00 LOGIN HERE
     Size : 120x60 px
      Mini Advertisements 120x60 ~ 12 Months 12 Months $ 80.00 LOGIN HERE
      Mini Advertisements 120x60 ~ 6 Months 6 Months $ 50.00 LOGIN HERE
      Mini Advertisements 120x60 ~ 3 Months 3 Months $ 30.00 LOGIN HERE


    Sorry, no cancellations or refunds.


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