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Thread: Chanell318 - Etsy shop to avoid at all costs!

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    Chanell318 - Etsy shop to avoid at all costs!

    ***ETA: This is also the owner of!!

    On 8/21/13 I ordered 1 yard of FL Gator ribbon from the etsy shop "Chanell318". My order came in a timely manner and I was pleased with the quality of the ribbon. I was, however, disappointed to find 2" of one end was frayed down the side.

    So before I left a review on her shop, on 9/1/13 I sent the shop owner the following message along with the same picture I posted above:



    I received my FL Gator's ribbon from your shop in a timely fashion. I do like the ribbon very much, it is perfect for the project I have in mind. I was, however, rather disappointed to lose two inches of the ribbon because it arrived frayed down the side. (Please see attached picture.) Sadly I will only get 1 of the 2 items I had planned for this ribbon out of the remaining in tact ribbon.

    I was really hoping for an admission of mistake and an apology. I am still able to get one of the intended projects from the intact ribbon, I wasn't really after a refund. I simply wanted the owner to be aware of the issue and apologize for the damage. After over a week of absolutely no response from the shop owner, yesterday (9/9/13) I left feedback. I gave the shop 1 star and left very civil feedback to the effect of...the item arrived damaged...I sent a message to the shop owner on 9/1 and as of 9/9 I have received no response...I am very disappointed in the customer service. That's it. No flaming, just facts and a simple (and warranted!) expression of disappointment.

    This morning 9/10/13 I received the following response:


    I would have NEVER mailed ribbon that was frayed ESPECIALLY 2 inches. Your ribbon was frayed because of something YOU did, not ME. I find you to be a VERY ridiculous dishonest person by emailing me insinuating you received the ribbon frayed.

    I will never do business with you again and any future orders you place will be cancelled!

    I was floored! I sent the following in response:

    I was kind enough to send you a conversation with my issue (as your little card you stapled to my order requests) before posting a review on your shop. I was hoping to solve the issue in a civil manner and be able to give you a favorable review. In all honestly, I was hoping for admission of a mistake and an apology. I wasn't after a refund. If you reread my initial I never once mention wanting my money back. How disappointing you find yourself to be above human mistakes. (I was absolutely certain it was only a mistake, I make them too.) How disheartening you found it a better option to attack my character and make me out to be a liar. How very, very disappointing.

    I have amended my review of your shop to include your last conversation to me. I do hope it turns away folks from your shop. You boast your willingness to "work with me (you) until I (you) are satisfied" on your little card, but have very sadly failed to deliver on this promise. Again, all I was hoping for was an admission of a mistake and an apology. However, I will be filing a complaint with Paypal. Not only am I an honest person, Im also a fair person. I expect to be treated the same way in return.

    Twenty minutes later or so, I get this as a response from the shop owner:

    You are such a LIAR & can show this message to whom ever you like, I would have NEVER mailed a piece of ribbon of any length frayed & if its frayed two inches that's bc YOU pulled it the end & made it that way whether it be by mistake or intentional to get a refund.

    I do try my best to work with customers & if they is a problem I can resolve then I will whatever possible to satisfy a customer. If you had an issue that was my fault, I would have gladly replaced your order. But you didn't and I found it ridiculously insulting that you would even send a message insinuating you received ribbon that way.

    You are not an honest or fair person. Of all the complaints & issues customers have made NONE have ever had your issue because again, I WOULD NEVER SHIP SOMEONE FRAYED RIBBON WHICH IS TOTALLY USELESS!!!

    I rely on customers to be honest about their orders so I can deliver the best customer service available. I even go as far as to ship replacement orders for customers who tell me they haven't received their order not knowing whether they're being honest or not. Other sellers really should be warned about customers like you!

    At this point I find it obvious arguing with the owner is useless. I have filed a request for refund with PayPal, which I will escalate to a claim if need be. I have half a mind to send her a link to the review here as well. I beg you ladies to use extreme caution if you chose to use this shop in the future.

    Shop link:
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