This carrier will hold most round/oval casserole dishes and the smaller square dishes. I put my very large 3 quart round in it with no problems as well as my 2 quart oval.

Materials needed -
Cotton woven print for outer & straps, minimum 7/8 yd.
Cotton woven coordinate for inner, minimum of 5/8 yd.
Insulbrite insulating batting - minimum 5/8 yd.
2 D-rings, i use 1 1/2" here

Step 1
Cut the following pieces -
From print - 24" square
one 4" wide x 44" long strip
From coordinate - 21" square
From insulbrite - 21" square

Step 2 - on a large work table lay the print 24" square wrong side up, center the insulbrite & lining fabric (right side up).

Step 3 - Pin in several places to hold layers together. Alternately you could use basting stitches or spray.

Step 4 - Mark quilting lines with chalk marker/pencil. I just use a grid pattern but you could do whatever type of quilting you like.

Step 5 - Quilt. For the grid i start at the middle and work my way out to the sides, it's easier to keep it from bunching and shifting this way.

Step 6 - Trim up the lining and insulbright so they are even. Leave the print fabric to extend 1 1/2" beyond the other fabrics on all four sides.

Step 7 - *sorry i didn't get a picture for some reason* Fold raw edge of the print fabric even with the edge of the other layers and iron down to create the binding for the edge. Pin if needed to hold in place.

Step 8 - Use a marking pen to mark 1 1/2" from each corner of the binding.

Step 9 - Take a piece of tape and lay diagonally corner to corner matching up with the marks you made in Step 8.

Step 10 - Fold the corner w/ print sides facing, aligning folded fabric edges.

Step 11 - Sew down right side edge of tape (i go forward and then backstitch to make sure it's stable).

Step 12 - Trim to 1/4" from stitching/tape edge. Remove tape. This creates a perfectly mitered corner.

REPEAT for all 4 corners.

Step 13 - Flip all 4 corners over.

Step 14 - Iron binding down all the way around giving a bit of steam to corners if needed to get it to lay totally flat. Pin in place if necessary.
SEW binding in place all around.

Step 15 - Iron 4" wide strip in 1/2 and then fold in each side to middle and iron down.

Fold in 1/2 again and iron/steam as needed.

Step 16 - Sew 1/4" from folded edge. I sew an additional 2 lines of stitching down strap to make it more sturdy.

Step 17 - Cut the 44" long strip into the following pieces -
2 - 3 1/2" long pieces
1 - 27" long piece

Step 18 - Turn under 1/2" on both narrow ends of long strap. Pin diagonally corner to corner of inside of carrier.

Step 19 - Sew each end down securely. I sew a box at each end and then an X through the box to make sure it's very secure for carrying.

Step 20 - Put the D Ring through each of the smaller loops. Fold in half and turn raw edge under 1/2" and stitch in place securely as above.

This is what it should look like laid out flat when you are done.

Casserole carrier gets centered under the long strap and you put the strap through each D ring and pull up over the dish :-)