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Thread: Design 04 Corduroy overalls

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    Design 04 Corduroy overalls

    Size 62-92 cm

    Post your pictures and notes about this pattern here!

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    Re: Design 04 Corduroy overalls


    (Yeah, the back pockets are a bit crooked. Not as crooked as this photo makes them look, but a bit crooked nonetheless.)

    I did these with a lightweight denim and a thin cotton print, traced out in size 74, length 80. But as I was cutting, I added 2cm to all the vertical pieces and then as I was sewing, I cut and added extra cuffs to the legs. No way were they going to be long enough for my 2 year old. The un-hemmed legs had the same inseam as a pair of 18-24 months overalls she is wearing now from Gymboree, and I wanted these to fit for the whole summer.

    I hemmed and hawed about sewing these up for a long time. (I traced the pattern a year ago!) Nine+ pattern pieces for a piece of baby clothing is a lot. Plus they are fully lined and have fiddly cutting instructions. (pay attention to the cutting instructions!!!) But once I got going, they came together pretty quickly and I am really pleased with the result.

    The tricky part of this is sewing the lining and main fabric of the right legs together, once both pieces are fully constructed and every other edge is sewn. You have to do a completely counter-intuitive maneuver, putting the legs together across the rest of the overalls, thinking, "Once I sew these together, this will never pull right side out!" But it does! I took some photos of this process, which I uploaded into a little tutorial.

    I did a different appliqué than suggested, and used the bound & gathered pocket design from the pinafore dress in 6/07 instead of the heart ones in the pattern.

    The major change I made was to sew up the left leg, instead of leaving it open. The design has the whole garment opening at the front, closing with velcro. Which to my kid, would just be an invitation to take her clothes off. But I didn't have enough buttons or snaps in a color/size I likes to button or snap the whole front up. So I topstitched the sides together from the waist seam down, but left the bib sections open, to close up with buttons.
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