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Don't know, but I'm sure that she is fair.

First, I'd like to point out that I found fabrichound through sewingmamas. Myranda is an active participant in the the forum.

Her shop has a wonderful selection of American, European, and Japanese fabrics-both wovens and knits. She carries trims, foe, and other embellishments. And, she has all sorts of patterns including Portabellopixie, Bananafana, Farbenmix, Indygo Junction . . . . .

Myranda is in California and I'm in Eastern Kentucky, so the shipping time was reasonable for the distance.

She has a standard 5% discount for mamas, and she also runs wonderful specials that include free shipping on orders over $100.

All my new fabric is in the laundry right now. When I get it ironed, I'll post a pic.
Thank you!