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What is iTrader?

iTrader is an eBay-type rating feature. You can leave feedback on items you buy, sell, trade here at Sewing Mamas as well as feedback from swaps.

If you are a seller or a buyer, you can then use iTrader to give a score to the seller/buyer, and they can also do the same to you. It is a fast and easy way to streamline feedback.  It shows other sellers/buyers that someone with itrader has done business before and might be better trusted to do business with.

It is based on the honor system since there is no automatic way to truly tell if they did engage in a transaction.

Every Sewing Mamas member now has an iTrader profile, it includes a rating number in parentheses, as well as comments from other members you've bought from and sold to.

For example: supersewingmama (10) means that the Sewing Mama member with the User ID supersewingmama has received positive feedback from at least 10 other members.

How it works
The feedback rating system is easy (just like eBay). You receive:

+1 point for each positive comment
0 points for each neutral comment
-1 point for each negative comment

When to check a member's iTrader rating -
Before you post a question on a sellers thread or before completing a transaction with a member. You can check the buyer or seller's member rating by clicking on their username in any thread and checking the iTrader listing. Sellers may also want to view the member profiles of buyer to see how reliable they've been in the past.

How to leave iTrader feedback and rating
After you make a sale or purchase, remember to leave feedback for the member you bought from or sold to. This helps everyone in the community know what it's like to deal with that member.

How to respond to iTrader feedback and rating
After receiving feedback from someone you can leave a response. This can be a simple thank you, a resolution for the issue or your side of the story. This is not intended to be a communication system for resolving an issue, please us the PM (Private Message) system to communication with the other party.

Feedback cannot be erased.
The feedback you give is permanent, so be sure to make only fair and factual comments.

If you make a mistake in leaving feedback...
If you leave feedback for the same transaction twice, or leave it for the wrong person, or need the transaction type changed, etc., post in the Help Forum and one of the admins will fix it.

Directions for use

You can see any member's iTrader feedback every time they post.

You can also see many members at a time, or search for a member by using the drop down menu from the menu bar, available on all pages.

You will see all the feedback given at Sewing Mamas.  The highest, lowest and most recent feedback given.  From here you can search for a member as well:

You can click on the buyer/sellers username from any post, or their profile, or from the iTrader homepage to open the option menu. Click on 'View iTrader Profile'

This will take you to that users iTrader profile, where there is a link to submit feedback.

From the submit form you can leave feedback for the user.

'Deal thread URL' is the post from the buyer or seller that the iTrader feedback and rating is in relation to.

'Additional comments' can be left for the buyer/seller and can only be viewed by the other party.

Sewing is not responsible for any of the information in the iTrader system or what any individual does with the information in this forum. You are buying/selling at your own risk, CAVEAT EMPTOR!

Before a trade or transaction:
1.  Check iTrader feedback here.  If they don't have very much, ask for other sites they have traded at for feedback
2.  Get insurance/delivery confirmation

If you suspect there may be a problem:
1.  File with Paypal -- you only  have 30 days to do so.
2.  File with their local police department.
3.  Leave negative iTrader feedback here.  If they try to give you retaliatory feedback, it will be removed by the administration.

iTrader rule: 5 negative feedbacks in 6 months and the member/sponsor will have these consequences:

1.  No access to the Boutique
2.  No access to PM's
3.  Admin will hack into your account and change your title to "check my feedback"

You will not get a refund for Sponsorship but you will not have the full benefits of sponsorship.

If a member or sponsor decides to scam a lot of mamas, and the intent is clear that they are here to steal money, paypal, or 'swap' items,  I'll be forced to bring charges against them both in my state as well as their state. If the FBI needs to be contacted (in the case of internet wire fraud and cyber crime) I will do that as well. I have a comprehensive list of IP addresses and enough smarts to use them.

So, be nice :)

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