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What are the rules about posting at Sewing Mamas?

Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself. Use common sense above all!

This was our one rule for many years. However since we've grown we've had to add in some more. So here you go. These are the rules you agreed to when you clicked 'yes' to reading the rules when you became a member.

Can I trace patterns for friends? To sell?

This question comes up a lot here at Sewing Mamas. Can you purchase or download a pattern trace it for a friend or for sale?

I can only speak to those living in the US as we have a world wide readership and your mileage may vary:

In a short word, no.   You are putting the site at risk when doing this. Don't offer anywhere on this site to trace patterns for anyone for any reason.

What is the mission statement of Sewing Mamas? is a forum of (mostly) women who enjoy sewing and are looking for a place to chat about life, sewing, and kids.  We have a decidedly natural/attached parenting viewpoint and learn from each other, inspire one another and have fun!

If you are interested in joining in, you are welcome to join in the forum by registering, which is free. If you would like to keep the sewing mamas forum running, you can purchase a Sponsorship here.

Sponsor fees, advertisements, and donations (below) directly fund the running of

All members and sponsors are expected to conduct themselves in a kind and respectful manner in order to maintain the friendly and supportive atmosphere at  There are as many different opinions about life and raising children as there are numbers in the stars.  If you disagree with someone, you can put them on ignore, and you can even put a whole thread on ignore using the Thread Tools button. 


Help! I didn't get my confirmation email.

You can use this link: and the confirmation email will be sent to you again.

Buying and Selling Rules at Sewing Mamas

Posting new threads in the Seamstress Boutique is a Supporting Member benefit.

•To sell in the Boutique, you MUST be a paid Supporter AND have a minimum post count of 300. Posts in the Boutique and the Testing Forum will do count for towards minimum. There are no exceptions.

• To buy in the Boutique you must have a minimum post count of 100. Posts in the Boutique and the Testing Forum do not count towards this minimum. There are no exceptions.

• Members who would like to post an ISO may do so in the group ISO thread. You may also have an ISO in your signature.

• All buying, selling, trading, co-oping, spam, etc. will take place in the Seamstress Boutique forum. The first two times the mods will move the thread to either the ISO thread or the Boutique. If someone posts more than once in the wrong forum, we'll delete the posts and give citations.  Three citations and you get a three week break from Sewing Mamas.

• Any sewing related items or handmade goods are welcome. You may also spam your auctions, store stocking, co-ops, so long as it's sewing related and or wahm made.

• Take large fabric buying co-ops to Feel free to make announcements and spam your co-op. If you are selling more than 15 yards of any one fabric this is considered a large fabric buy, and your post will be deleted.

• Buyer and Seller Beware at all times. Sewing Mamas is not responsible for any trades and will not handle mediation of any swap or trade issues unless it's clear that one party has scammed another.  This is left to the discretion of the administration.

• When listing fabric and other items for sale please describe them to the best of your ability including length, content, condition, etc.

• If you have more than one fabric to sell or auction, put them all in the same post.

• Please be respectful to member's privacy and don't post their last name or zip code on the board if it was sent to you in a private message and not posted on the board by the member.

• Paypal is the easiest way to pay and offers protection. There is a risk in mailing payment, especially a check or cash.

• When sending Paypal payments please note what you are paying for in the message of your payment.

• Ship promptly or keep your buyers aware of shipping delays.

• Keep as much information as you can in one post, including totals, ship dates, and delivery confirmations.

• To avoid disputes please always use delivery confirmation. Also be aware that you have 45 days to file with PayPal if your item is not received.

• Excessive negative feedback may result in you losing membership here with or without prior notice, and you will be banned from our site. Leaving retaliatory feedback through iTrader will have that feedback removed by admins.

• will not be held responsible or moderate transaction disputes between members. We can give advice but we don't moderate transactions or any disputes.

Group Benefits or Charity Auctions or sales for other members:
We reserve Benefits and Charity Auctions for people who are in catastrophic circumstances. Administration and Moderators will be the ONLY people allowed to post these sort of sales or auctions.

Unsure about something?
Post questions over in the Help Forum, or Private Message a Moderator here and you'll get some wonderful assistance.

Before a trade or transaction:
1.  Check iTrader feedback here.  If they don't have very much, ask for other sites they have traded at for feedback
2.  Get insurance/delivery confirmation

If you suspect there may be a problem:
1.  File with Paypal -- you only  have 30 days to do so.
2.  File with their local police department.
3.  Leave negative iTrader feedback here.  If they try to give you retaliatory feedback, it will be removed by the administration.

iTrader rule:

5 negative feedbacks in 6 months and the member will have these consequences:

1.  No access to the Boutique
2.  No access to PM's
3.  Admin will change your title to "check my feedback"

You will not get a refund for any membership fees paid.

If a member decides to scam a lot of mamas, and the intent is clear that they are here to steal money, paypal, or 'swap' items,  Sewing Mamas will be forced to bring charges against them both in our state as well as their state. If the FBI needs to be contacted (in the case of internet wire fraud and cyber crime) I will do that as well. I have a comprehensive list of IP addresses and enough smarts to use them.

So, you know, be nice :)

ISO (in search of) postings

Sponsors with 500+ posts can create an ISO thread in the Seamstress Boutique.

Anyone else with at least 100 posts can add their ISO request to the group ISO thread stickied at the top of the Seamstress Boutique.

If you create an ISO in one of the other forums, it will be moved or deleted.

Trading at Sewing Mamas

Can I put a link and banner in my signature line? Where does spam go?

A text link in your signature line to your business or blog is welcomed.

When you purchase a paid membership, you may add a banner to your signature line. You can pay through your User CP -->> Paid Subscriptions

Paid members with more than 300 posts may also sell their fabric, notions, or other sewing related items, as well as other handmade goods in our Seamstress Boutique.

Before buying and selling, please read our information about trading.

What is considered spam?

Any self-promotion of your business or blog, whether business or personal, is considered spam. Affiliate links are also considered spam. Spam is only allowed in our Seamstress Boutique forum or within signatures as per the signature guidelines. Examples of spam not allowed outside the Boutique:
  • Showing your creations in the runway with a link to buy them in your online store, or telling people to PM you if they want you to make them one.
  • Giving someone a link to buy something with your affiliate code embedded.
  • Offering to sell anything to members.
  • Posting links to your blog tutorial if that blog also has advertising.
  • Posting requests to vote for your pet, child or any other creation. You may post only such sewing related requests in the Seamstress Boutique if you meet the posting requirements for that forum. Any member may post links to such contests (of any type) in her signature.

How do I add an image or clickable banner to my signature (sig) line?

Can I put pictures in my signature?

Yes, but please keep picture size to 400x400 or less, and mind the advertising rules above.

How do I change my username?

Just post a request in the Help Forum.

How do I add a custom avatar?

Custom avatars are a perk of sponsorship. More information about sponsoring the site here.

Can I add a picture album?

Sponsors can add a picture album on the site to share pictures of their creations. More information about sponsoring the site here.

How can I enter a custom title?

In the User CP, click on Edit Your Details and make the changes you want. Don't see that option? Title changes are a perk of sponsorship. More information about sponsoring the site here.

What are all these abbreviations?

We have a glossary that contains much of the internet shorthand used on this site. If it's not there, ask in the Material Girls forum and someone will help you out!

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