Tutorial: Cargo Pants Pockets – 4 different ways! (Last in the 4 part series)

This tutorial is the final one in a series of four that shows how to make 4 different kinds of cargo pockets to add to pants. This handy how-to was contributed to Sewing Mamas by Monica (Mnemonics on the forum).

To add these pockets to pants, sew the outer leg seam of the pants pocket and then sew the pocket in place on the side. Sew the inner leg seam after the pocket is attached. For each pocket, the starting fabric size is given, but feel free to adjust the size to your liking for the pants you are making.

Four Different Cargo Pockets – Pocket Four: Pouch Style Pocket

I cut the fabric for this pocket at 9″ x 9″
Pouch Pocket Step 1

Turn the top end under and sew.
Pouch Pocket Step 2

Fold up the fabric at the corner matching raw edges. Mark the depth you want the pocket to be plus seam allowance – I used 1 1/2″. Mark a straight horizontal line on the fabric. Repeat this for the other end of the pocket too.
Pouch Pocket Step 3

Sew both ends where you markings are. Turn the pocket right side out – this is what your pocket looks like right now.
Pouch Pocket Step 4

Turn under seam allowances on the three edges of the pocket. Press with iron.
Pouch Pocket Step 5

Place pocket on the desired place on pant piece. Pin in place and sew (easier said than done :-)). This shows the top view of the finished pocket.
Pouch Pocket Step 6

Bottom view of the finished pocket. You can stitch the top side edges down if you want the top of the pocket to lie flat.
Pouch Pocket Finished

Cargo pocket 4 is ready….. and now you know how to make four different kinds of cargo pockets for pants!

Happy Sewing!


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