Ottobre Sewing Pattern Organization – take 2

I’ve warned you about my love of organizing things, right?
pattern binders
I haven’t been sewing much since I went to quilt class, but I did a bit of organizing.

At some point, we were discussing organizing magazines and Bobolots (her forum name) said these were great for magazines. I checked them out and they are great! More on that in a moment. Check these out!

When they first arrive, six of them are stuck together:
pattern binders 1

So you pull them apart:
pattern binders 2

pattern binders 3

Then you take out the middle piece – this is where the magazine pages will slide through.
pattern binders 4

And then you need to poke out the little holes for the binder rings to go through. You can stack a couple of these together and push them out.
pattern binders 5

I put mine over a couple of my pattern weights because it’s easy to push through the holes that way and the little plastic pieces don’t go flying all over.
pattern binders 6

For the children’s issues, I use two binder holders because it just seemed like it needed the extra strength. I’m not sure it was necessary, but I had enough, so I just went with it. :)
pattern binders 7

You can just slide them over one corner a bit…
pattern binders 8

And then all the way to the middle of the magazine:
pattern binders 9

Hopefully you slid it through with the holes on the outside:
pattern binders 10

And then the holes just go in the binder rings!
pattern binders 11

Stick them all in binders and you’re set. So pretty….
pattern binders 12

I highly recommend the seller named rvbookseller listed in the “new from” link, especially if you want to get a whole bunch. That seller also offers them in a pack that contains 120 of them for a very reasonable price. When you buy them individually, the shipping is killer. The seller shipped quickly and answered my questions with lightning speed as well. The link is a Sewing Mamas affiliate link, but I’d recommend the seller even without it. :)

You didn’t notice that my Ottobre changed to three different issues along the way, did you? No, you’re too nice to mention it, thank you! ;)

Happy Organizing!

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