Tutorial: Play food felt cupcakes with interchangeable toppings

This tutorial comes from mama3many, a Sewing Mama in the UK!

Felt Cupcakes with Magnetic Interchangeable Toppings


  • felt – I HIGHLY recommend pure wool felt. It’s pure joy to work with and tends to last much longer than acrylic. Also acrylic felt tends to tear at the seams whereas wool felt does not.
  • needle and thread in matching colours. I use embroidery floss.
  • cardboard – I just cut up the boxes my Amazon orders came in
  • strong magnets – Two opposing ones per cupcake
  • hot glue gun
  • your favorite cupcake pattern – if you don’t have a pattern, you can simply cut apart a cupcake liner and use that as a pattern

Step 1:

Cut your felt and cardboard.
Felt pieces: cupcake side x1, cupcake base x1, cupcake lid x 1, cupcake topping tops x 2 (these are the same piece as cupcake lid).
Cardboard pieces: same piece as felt cupcake top x 2, same as cupcake base x1
In this example my cupcake base, lid and topping tops are light yellow and my cupcake side is beige.

Step 2:

Hotglue the magnets on to the two larger cardboard circles.

Make sure you glue the magnets in such a way that they attract each other!

Step 3:

Whipstitch the short ends of the cupcake side together

Step 4:

Whipstitch the cupcake base the top bottom of cupcake side

Step 5:

Put smaller cardboard circle into the base of the cupcake (you may need to trim the cardboard circle a bit)

Step 6:

Whipstitch the cupcake lid to the top of cupcake side but stop when you reach halfway round,
Fill the cupcake with stuffing.
Place one of the large cardboard circles over the stuffing. Make sure the magnet is facing up!

Whipstitch the cupcake shut.

Now for the topping

Step 7:

Make topping embellishments. Here I made some tangerine segments:
I cut out two large kidney-shaped pieces of orange felt:

I whipstitched them together leaving an opening for stuffing:

Put in a few long stitches to decorate:

Insert stuffing and whipstitch shut:

Step 8:

Take one of the large felt topping circles and stitch the embellishments on.

Step 9:

Take the remaining felt circle and the second cardboard with magnet and sandwich like so (I hadn‘t decorated the top of this one). Make sure the magnet faces the non-embellished felt circle!

Whipstitch all around:

And you’re done!

Make more in different ‘flavours’ and you’ll have interchangeable cupcakes!



About mama3many ~
I’m a home educating mother of four kids aged 7 years to 9 months. We live in Wales, UK where I craft any moment I get. I’m passionate about education, crafts and swapping knowledge and skills with others. As a child I was discouraged from anything crafty as apparently I wasn’t good at it. I’ve since learnt that the skills are there for the learning and it’s all about finding the right teacher, tutorial and materials.

I love the use of magnets rather than velcro to put these together. Velcro always seems to pick up lots of little fuzzies and pet hair, plus the hook side tends to stick to the felt in all the wrong places. This is a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

Happy Sewing!



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