Stash Game – pajama pants love and a ruffle skirt

Pajama pants are a great way to sew up a fabric stash. My growing-like-weeds-children all need them. Of course, they need pajama tops, too, but pants are quick and easy. I’ve been in need of a quick project that would get me back to sewing again. After finishing 3 pajama pants for Zoe, I cut out a pair for Jack and sewed them up. To celebrate, Zoe and I went to the fabric store. Though we really did practice much restraint, we still ended up with nearly 12 additional yards. So, on Monday my stash game tally looked like this:

Zoe pj pants (qty 3) = 1.25yds + 2 notion points = 12pts * 3 pairs = 36 points
Jack pj pants (qty 1) = 1 yd + 2 notions = 10 points
11.91 yards of fabric purchase = -96 points
Current tally: -50

So, ummm, yeah. But I finished up two more pj pants for Jack!
PJ Pants for Jack

I’ve been using the same Kwik Sew pattern (3275) that I used for Zoe. Jack’s only 7. He’s perfectly happy with pull on elastic pants with no fly. The fact that it’s a girl’s pattern will be our little secret, okay?

I finished this up today, too.

ruffle skirt

Zoe picked out this fabric on Sunday. I bought only what we needed (2/3 yard) and am happy to have it sewn up. I was sort of dreading sewing it because it is thin and wiggly and let’s face it, the thought of matching up those ruffles is intimidating! Fortunately, it went together quickly. I used wonder tape to match the ruffles up before sewing as in Mel’s tute here. It needs a quick run through the wash to get rid of the tape bits before I let Zoe wear it.

So, that sewing helps the stash game tally over here –
Previous Tally: -50
Jack pj pants (qty 2) = 1 yd + 2 notions = 10 points * 2 pairs = 20
Zoe ruffle skirt = 2/3 yd + 1 c/l scrap for waistband + elastic because I didn’t trust the c/l = 7.333
New Tally: -22.667

Well, I’m still in the negative, but hopefully the more serious stash gamers are making better progress. I’m claiming this as a victory because it’s more sewing than I’ve gotten done in a while!

Next up – a crib skirt for my new nephew or tops to go with all these pj pants? Hmmmm…

Happy Sewing!

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