Sewing Mamas Retreat 2013: Amazing Friends

On Friday, there was a secret sister swap. I had opted out because I have been working very hard at being more realistic with my time commitments and didn’t want to sign up for a spot and then be scrambling at the last minute to pull something less than stellar together for my person. I knew I would miss out on something fun, but I didn’t want to disappoint someone, so it was okay.

After the swap, Mel said, “Wait, there’s one more!” In addition to all the goodies they had brought for their secret sisters, they had also brought me gifts. Here I was, so happy that they were all here, amazed that they had all been willing to make the trip and they thought they should bring me gifts? I was overwhelmed before I even looked at the contents of the bag Mel handed me. And when I pulled out this?

Wall Quilt

I cried. This is the wall quilt Vanessa made. See those white spaces in the border? The pen we had stopped to get earlier in the day was so that everyone could sign their name on it. It’s kind of like the quilter’s version of the camp t-shirt everyone signs at the end of camp, only so much more awesome.

Wall Quilt

There were so many amazing things in this bag, and I love them all. In fact, if you look at the pictures in this month’s challenge post, everything pictured came to me from a Sewing Mama that weekend. And those aren’t even all the things. I’ll show you the others in another post. I’m making a note to tell them no gifts next time, but wondering if we could all make and bring wall quilts to swap with white space for signing…

Perhaps if I start mine now I’ll be ready.

Much love,

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