September’s Challenges

Hooray for September! September is one of my favorite months. The kids go back to school, the weather cools and we head into fall, my favorite season.

September’s Monthly Challenge

Be a Stash Buster!
Sue Shimomura's photo used with permission under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license (CC BY-SA 2.0)
This photo is from Sue Shimomura.

September brings the fall stash game, so it seemed only appropriate to challenge you to participate this month! The idea of the game is to sew up your stash!
If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s the link! As luck would have it, that’s also the link to the rules. And, you can join the game even if the month has already started. No excuses, so sign up and get sewing! :)
Now, to complete this challenge, you must COMPLETE the stash game. What does that mean? It means you have to sew something. And at the end of the month, you must submit your point total. Easy peasy, right?

September’s Christmas Challenge

(Tree) Skirts
Credit (or blame?) for this month’s challenge goes to SewingMel.
Tree skirts had been on my idea list for the holiday challenges, but I’ve been trying to keep the challenges flexible for those who celebrate winter holidays that don’t include trees. And for those who don’t celebrate holidays, options for simply using a winter theme. But how the heck can I possibly ask you to make a tree skirt? What if you don’t need a tree skirt?
Barb's tree skirt
Barb (fw221) made this great tree skirt! Your tree needs that, right? And if you have a fear of circles, a tree skirt doesn’t even need to be round! Check out this one from Lori H. Designs.
Lori H. Designs tree skirt

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, or you do and you already have a tree skirt, or you don’t have a tree, or one of the bazillion other reasons why a tree skirt would be an utter waste of your time, do not fear! Go ahead and make the skirt without the tree. After all, a round tree skirt is really just a circle skirt, right? Make a holiday or winter themed skirt for you or someone you love! And it doesn’t even have to have trees on it. But it could. Trees are always nice.

Once you’re done creating, don’t forget to share your projects on our Runway!

Happy Sewing!

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