The construction of two Scooter Buddy pouches presented some fun challenges and opportunities to learn. Maybe not for beginners unless you're a confident one. For example, I learned to insert a zipper for a pocket, and how to make boxed corners. In both cases, though I'm an experienced sewist, it took me a few minutes to "get it." The results were worth it! Besides, who doesn't like a challenge? I found this at Nat's blog, Sew Outnumbered. (Link will appear after I can add 'em!)

Making two was as easy as making one, and I'm a fan of batch-processing! My California kids will love these! I'll share my own finished projects too as soon as I stitch up the opening for turning the pouches right-side-out. Thanks, Nat! (Note: The url is in the screenshot below, so you can find it starting with www then inserting the blog name with .com at the end.)

Here's a screenshot from the blog: