I got Figgy's Celestial Tee as part of a bundle, and I didn't fall in love with it immediately. I set it aside. Then I scored some adorable, drapey pink knit fabric adorned with lightly flocked black standard poodles, just like our Teddy. In sifting through patterns to make a tee for my 7 year-old who adores Teddy, I took another look at the Celestial Tee. Using that patterns was one of the best sewing decisions I ever made! While the pattern's simple, the results are elegant and fun! The tiny tucks in the front and the curved hem in the back offer more-than-just-a-tee appeal. Ayla loved it, and wore it immediately and repeatedly! The only thing that made me sad was not having sufficient fabric left over to make a second one for my 3 year-old! I definitely plan to use this pattern again and again.
Quick to Sew!
Super-Sweet Hemline!
LOVE this Neckline - Easy Tucks!
Great Fit and Happy Girl!