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Thread: Design 23 Duo Tone baby-cord pinafore dress

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    Design 23 Duo Tone baby-cord pinafore dress

    Size 128-170 cm

    Post your pictures and notes about this pattern here!

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    Re: Design 23 Duo Tone baby-cord pinafore dress

    Craptastic phone pic but

    #1. I *loved* that my 8 yr old looked like a little girl going to the Nutcracker. It's age appropriate and stylish and a really nice dress.

    #2. Never again
    I think that Otto made it more complicated than it needed to be. I could be wrong but I am very thankful that I've been sewing a few years because I would have had NO idea what they were talking about. For instance, the instructions to attach the lining to the shell along the zipper.. ya, ok. I read it aloud over and over. Did that a lot actually in the duration of sewing this. Also, it came very close to not fitting dd. She's a 134ish so I cut a 140. I had to take it out at the bottom of the bodice where the skirt meets it and (around the waist-ish area) was able to have it fit her comfortably.

    It also bows out in the center front a little. You can see it on the Otto page too. Another thing, this is above the knee-- which is a cute look but I would have made it longer if I'd realized that from the pic. AND my daughter is a little on the short side for her age.

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