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Thread: --- OTHER --- indietutes toddler backpack

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    --- OTHER --- indietutes toddler backpack

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    --- OTHER ---
    Pattern Name/Number
    indietutes toddler backpack
    Pattern Description
    free print-at-home pattern for simple toddler-sized backpack... here's the link:
    Which view and size did you make?
    the only one available
    Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
    If not, why?
    Were the instructions easy to follow?
    If not, why?
    What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
    Instructions very simple, easy to follow with good tips and helpful photos

    ETA: I just remembered that the pattern has you cutting a strip 34 inches long to form the sides of the backpack, but the pattern says you need only 3/4 yard of fabric, so much less than 34 inches. This was fine for my project, because I had more than a yard to work with, but you would have to get creative with your cutting if you started with just 3/4 yard
    Fabric used
    Home decor fabrics from Ikea
    Pattern alterations or any design changes you made or would recommend
    I added a velcro closure, a top handle, and lined the backpack
    Would you sew this pattern again?
    Would you recommend this pattern to others?
    Any additional comments
    Very easy and very cute. I wanted to line the bag, as otherwise you end up with your interfacing exposed on the inside, which in my opinion/experience wouldn't hold up to little ones frequent in-out-in-out with toys, etc. (I thought it would get ripped.) But the lining was tricky to figure because of the closure... So my bag is lined in the since that the interfacing isn't exposed, but my lining seams are exposed.

    The bag is tiny. Just the right size for a snack and a few little toys or change or clothes for my 20 month old, but probably too small to be useful for a child much over 2.5 or so.

    ETA: Having used this bag on a trip to hold toys and a drink for my little one, I wish the opening were wider. We have a little blank notebook that she colors in that's maybe 6 inches wide and it takes a steady/precise hand to get it in and out of the backpack.

    Did you SNS what you made from this pattern? If so, add a link to your SNS here.
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