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Thread: Design 09 Denim pants with rib cuffs

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    Design 09 Denim pants with rib cuffs

    Size 62-92 cm

    Post your pictures and notes about this pattern here!

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    Re: Design 09 Denim pants with rib cuffs

    LOVE this pattern! I've made it in twill, sweatshirt fleece (without all the details), and french terry and like it in all 3.

    it goes together very easily though I didn't so much as look at the instructions - so can't vouch for them. It's going to be my go-to pattern for DS until he's out of this size, and it can be used very easily for basic pants, lined pants, etc.

    DS is a skinny little guy, I sewed him up 80s without the SA and the fit is about what I wanted - slightly baggy and big (I'm sewing for fall/winter and it's only August). I'd say the fit is not as baggy as many of the Otto pants tend towards, though on one pair I did take a good inch off the sides for a less baggy fit on him (keep in mind he's 15 months and 9-12 month RTW shorts fall off his waist).

    One note - the cuff isn't pictured rolled in the drawing, but is defintely sized to be rolled and then grown into. So if you're planning on making the pants without the cuff, check the length carefully. I added the cuff length without checking to a straight leg pair and they were LONG.

    covered the outer seam with twill tape since he'll be wearing them rolled for a while:

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