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Thread: Design 27 Linen jacket

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    Design 27 Linen jacket

    Size 110-146 cm

    Post your pictures and notes about this pattern here!

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    Re: Design 27 Linen jacket

    I really needed a tweed jacket look like the one in 6/2009, but that one only goes to size 122. I needed a size 134/140, and this worked great. My son measures as a 128-134 with lots of extra length, but I wanted this to be a bit big. I made a size 140. I added 1.75" length to the front and back pieces, and I added .75" length to the sleeves. I always add length for my kids in otto. I basically just mashed the tweed jacket and this jacket together so I used details from both. I considered lining this jacket, but we live in Texas. The wool is going to be warm enough, but it would be easy enough to line this, if needed.

    Fabric: Wool flannel suiting (don't know where I got it)
    Alterations to pattern:
    -Length added (see above)
    -Cut back on fold rather than 2 pieces
    -Didn't add all of the topstitching so that I could mimic the tweed jacket
    -Adjusted the lapel to be a bit wider. I only wanted to have two buttons on the front so I angled the lapels to start lower.
    -Used bias tape for the neckline
    Details borrowed from 6/2009:
    -Elbow patches, made slightly bigger for the larger size
    -Fake vents on sleeves. I didn't even add the fake plackets, but I sewed "vent" buttons to the sleeves.
    -Left off all pockets. I made faux pocket flaps, but I can't decide if I want them now. The jacket looks great without pockets.
    -Added sleeve heads to push out the sleeves. These are basically just rectangles of fleece, sewn down the middle, that are sewn to the sleeve seam allowance. When the fleece is folded over, it pushes the sleeve out just a tiny bit. It is a simple detail that really makes a jacket look professionally made.

    I love how expensive this jacket looks, and it doesn't take much wool. I mostly sew from the summer ottos, and this is still one of my favorites issues! This pattern really goes to show that you can change the entire look of the pattern with a different fabric choice.

    Mel- mom to my two busy B's

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