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Stonemountain & Daughter Fabric
Physical address
2518 Shattuck, Berkeley, California
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WebsiteWhat do they sell?
  • Adult Patterns
  • Quilt Patterns
  • Notions
  • Woven Fabrics
  • Knit Fabrics
  • Sewing Books
  • Sewing Magazines

Customer service/return policy
Haven't had a return, but there was a sign that said "Pillow Forms are not returnable" -- don't know about other policies
Street parking ($ based)
What a terrific shop! There are three rooms (two down, one up) *full* of fabrics, notions, books....pretty much everything. The upstairs room is used for sewing classes and their sale fashion fabrics. Pretty good selection, especially of wool suitings, coatings, gabardines, etc., and quite a bit of special occasion fabrics (I wasn't in the market for these things, so the review is based more on my interests at the time). I *somehow* managed to find a few pretty fabrics up there.

The other two rooms (huge rooms, shop width/length) are divided into fashion fabrics (knits, silks, wools, etc.) and quilting cottons (plus notions. *tons* of notions).

There is an impressive button selection, a vast array of threads, bunches of twill/bias/ric-rac, and several types of purse handles.

They had a lot of sewing classes posted on the walls, the little bit of wall space that wasn't covered with gorgeous inspiration! Loads of already sewn clothing pieces, and miles of quilts.

The shop was quite overwhelming. It's clean, neat and well organized, but yowza there is a *lot* of color/pattern/texture.

We were in Berkeley on a semi-holiday, and Stonemountain & Daughter was my "treat" -- I will definitely be going back next time we're in town! (Unfortunately they don't have e-commerce, but their website says to call them.)
Overall rating
Thank you