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A plain woven fabric that can be made from cotton, silk, or manufactured fibers, but is most commonly cotton. It incorporates a colored warp (often blue) and white filling yarns.
Last Updated: 01-01-1970 @ 12:00 AM

A group that gets together to purchase something at a discounted price.
Last Updated: 01-01-1970 @ 12:00 AM

A fabric, usually made of cotton, utilizing a cut-pile weave construction. Extra sets of filling yarns are woven into the fabric to form ridges of yarn on the surface. The ridges are built so that clear lines can be seen when the pile is cut.
Last Updated: 01-01-1970 @ 12:00 AM

coverstitch machine
a sewing machine that looks similiar to a serger, but it only has one looper. It's main function is to hem knit items. It give you a 2 - 3 straight stitches on top, with looped stitching on the back, so the hem will still stretch. Look at the hem on a ready made t-shirt. This is done with a coverstitch machine.
Last Updated: 01-01-1970 @ 12:00 AM

Crushed Velvet
Velvet with a high and low pile, giving it a shimmery appearance.
Last Updated: 01-01-1970 @ 12:00 AM

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