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10-19-2006, 10:46 PM
What do you/did you have?

Got any good links? Yahoo groups? Manufacturers websites etc?

10-20-2006, 12:50 AM
I have a Janome CoverPro 1000 as well as a New Home (Janome made) Serger... 534D Mylock II

There is an AWESOME Janome Coverpro resource/help thread here:
http://sewing.patternreview .com/cgi-bin/sewingclasses/board.pl?t=13608

10-20-2006, 11:29 AM
I have a New Home 504d serger. Love it!

10-20-2006, 11:43 AM
I have a Janome MC9500 and love it :)

10-22-2006, 12:20 AM
Janome (New Home) sergers are great for home use. I have two; one is the 504 model, the other is the 634. I like them both. They were easy to learn to use (good clear instruction manuals, and the 504 came with a video as well) and seem pretty durable. Good value for the money; I think I paid $250 to $350 ea on eBay.

10-22-2006, 04:12 PM
I have a Janome Quilter's Dream. My mom bought it for me at Hancock Fabrics for $275.00 on sale. It was a good machine, but definitely not made for heavy duty sewing, ex. handbags with canvas, stabilizer and lining. If it was used strictly for sewing garments, it would probably be great.

10-23-2006, 12:03 AM
I have the Janome 6019QC sewing machine and the CoverPro 1000 coverstitch machine. Love them both! Had the seewing machine for about 2.5 years now and have never had to have it serviced and it has gone through some abuse. Only had the 1000CP for about a year and it has been great as well.

Both are easy to learn and use and are great machines for the money.

I love my Janomes!

10-27-2006, 10:14 AM
I have a Janome MC6000 (pretty old, but computerized) and a Mylock 334. Both have performed very well for me. I haven't a problem with either. I like to do a lot of differed types of sewing, especially heirloom, and find that the MC6000 works well for my needs.

12-27-2006, 01:43 PM
Janome CP1000 (coverstitcher) --- works really well for the price --- when I start to get skipped stitches, changing to fresh needles really helps.

Also have a Janome 350e embroidery machine --- still new to me but was able to take it out of the box and immediately start embroidering -- very easy to learn.

12-31-2006, 12:06 PM
Janome 8080 (same exact machine as Janome DC3050) sewing machine. I *love* this machine and would highly recommend it. It does everything I need it to beautifully, and haven't balked at anything I've put it through yet. I've had it 18mo or so. Of course I can't compare it to any TOL machine, but...
I also have a newly aquired Janome 634D serger, which I'm already in love with. Easy to thread and very user friendly. I have never (and I do mean never) used a serger before but it's either super easy or I was born to serge, LOL! The stitches are easy to adjust to perfection, the differential feed is responsive and it's simple & quick to switch it to "rolled hem mode".

02-09-2007, 12:29 PM
I have the janome 11000. I absolutely LOVE it.
They just came out with a new hoop for it, so I can do hats. I also have the 300e machine.

02-20-2007, 11:51 PM
hi! I have the Janome 9000 and I just love it! I bought it used and I might need a part soon but that is ok.

03-11-2007, 08:24 PM
I have the Janome 300e and love it! Low learning curve and a beautiful stitch as well as a large embroidery area. Because it is an embroidery only machine it can embroider while you sew on another machine! Would recommend it to anyone.

08-07-2007, 10:00 PM
I have a Janome 10000 with the 10001 upgrade. I love it. I have used it to make everything (or just about) from corsets to childrens clothes (with embroidery) and doll clothes. Eventually, I will invest in the Janome 6600P and the 11000 (when I can afford them). In the mean time I am very happy with my 10000. I've had this machine for almost 4 years and have had it in three times for cleaning and a couple of more times for bobbin winder issues.

I also inherited a Janome MyLock from my mom when she bought a new top of the line serger. Considering its age it has been working great for me.


02-28-2008, 10:51 PM
I am now the proud owner of both the 300E embroidery machine as well as the CP900 Coverstitch machine, in addition to my Janome 8080 sewing machine and 634D serger. Yes, I'm calling my sewing room Janomeville, LOL!
I have owned the embroidery machine for about 6mo now, and would highly recommend it to anyone. It is very user-friendly and produces lovely work. I especially love that the hoops are slightly larger than average, and that there is no "exclusive" means of transferring designs. It uses a regular Compact Flash memory card (with an adapter) which you can load straight from your computers memory card slots, no expensive software or Magic Box required.
I will add a review of the CP900 in a short while, after I've had a chance to play around with it (I only got it today).

11-01-2008, 09:33 PM
i am the owner of a wonderful mc11000...and i will get the special edition upgrade shortly. i LOVE my machine. super user friendly. love it

11-21-2008, 05:15 PM
I would like to know more about the CP900 or maybe its the 900 CP. The coverstitch machine. How well does it work on knits??? I use a double needle and a walking foot on my regular sewing machine and have gotten by. Of course, the underside never looks as professional, which is why I'm considering the coverstitch machine and I can't afford the 1000 just yet.

01-03-2009, 01:02 PM
presently i have the janome compulock, and new home 334d sergers. i also have the 300e. i used to own the 6600p.

i didnt like the 6600p, coz it ate holes in the knits that i tried to sew. it was prolly user error. i belonged to the yahoo 6600p group at the time. when i went for help, they were not very friendly. kinda like, if you are not a fanatic of 6600p, then leave. so i did, along with that machine. if all you do is quilt, then this is the machine for you. it does that wonderfully. however, i am a jack of all trades kinda gal. and thats my story on that. :0

the compulock is a very cool serger. i havent even begun to do all the stuff it can do. right now its sitting over in the corner. it needs to be timed. i used it so much that it fell outta time. i always have a backup machine. so i have the trusty 334d going now. that thing will serge over corn kernels. ask me how i know. lol. got it timed, and its going strong again.

the janome 300e is an embroidery miracle. really. its wonderful for a beginner which i was. i am now ready to move on, however. i would like to do large designs, as well as borders. and for that, i need to upgrade. in todays economy, that might be next to impossible.

i also have berninas, but thats elsewhere.

08-11-2012, 09:28 AM
I have a Janome Memory Craft 6600. I love it.