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07-21-2011, 07:05 PM
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Ken Sewing Centre via Amazon Website
amazon.com Address
912 East 2nd St.
Muscle Shoals, AL 35661 Phone Number
1-256-381-0161 Overall rating
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yes Prices
Good Delivery/Shipping
14-30 days Customer service/return policy
its terrible! Details
this is probably more relevant for Canadian orders. I was doing the transaction on amazon.com

Placed the order on July 11 for a CS machine, ETA was between July 19 - 25.

so a girl replied from Ken on July 13, saying they need a physical address (b/c i hv a PO box addy). so fine, i gave it to her. then on july 18, i got another email from Ken, this time a guy asking for a physical addy..see my WTH moment? so i gave it to him again and said i am a little dissappointed that its taking so long b/c its suppose to arrive the next week.

on July 20, got an email from them saying the order is canceled..no reason whatsoever..soo annoying!

I called them on July 21 and they said its canceled b/c UPS wont ship to my area which is bull b/c I even called UPS to verify this and UPS said they will ship to my address.

so I am very angry at this store, I probably will not purchase anything from this store. Thank you!