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02-17-2011, 06:18 PM
Online ShopsShop Name
Banberry Place Website
http://www.banberryplace.co m/ Address
San Antonio, TX
USA Phone Number
+1 210 347 6504 Overall rating
Awesome Sewing Mama Discount?
Not that I know of Look and Feel
The site is easy to browse, I like how you can enter your qty for each item and then add all selected on the page vs having to click on each item and add to your cart. Prices
Good Delivery/Shipping
3 days or less Customer service/return policy
I had no need to deal with CS Details
My trims were GORGEOUS and came wrapped nicely around a card and secured and then stored in a ziploc bag. My items were shipped the next day and I recieved them 2 days after that. Also, she has FREE SHIPPING on everything. No minimum!!! I placed an order and then placed an order again 2 days later. She has a great selection of Farbenmix patterns, ribbons and iron-ons and also Onion patterns. Fantastic all around! Thank you!