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01-09-2010, 07:55 AM
Brick and Mortar ShopsShop Name:
Quilting by the Bay Physical address
2303 Winona Drive
Panama City, FL 32405 Phone Number
(850) 215-7282 Website
www.quiltingbythebay .com What do they sell? Quilt Patterns
Woven Fabrics
Sewing Magazines

Average Customer service/return policy
I've never tried to make a return and haven't had a customer service problem there. Parking
Parking lot adjacent Review
I've always found them to be very kind, helpful, and knowledgable. They're even kind to well-behaved small children. They also have an immaculate bathroom which is great when you're out shopping with little ones.

It's a quilt shop with standard quilt shop retail prices. They have classes. The shop is neat, well-organized, and pretty.

They have a website that has a pretty accurate inventory system so I often know if they carry the line of fabric that I'm looking for before I make the trip. Overall rating
Awesome Thank you