View Full Version : Design 18 Hippy-style quilted coat

12-07-2009, 09:02 PM
Size 110-146 cm

Post your pictures and notes about this pattern here!

09-19-2011, 10:37 PM
hippy coat from otto 6/2009, in slim 110cm. its easy to sew though i am not entirely happy with the pockets, i wanted deep pockets so she can put her mitts in, but i was overthinking it so much that i got frustrated and just went on with the pattern pocket.

picked up the fabric locally, the staff were less than helpful so i dont know what fabric it is, i sure hope it works. i think its soft shell though, one side is water resistant light maroon cordura and insulation is fused to the underside and a cellulose like fibre as inner, all in one piece. i dont like the feel of the inner, so i lined it with fleece. fleece isnt my choice for coat inner b/c its a pita to sew for me, and this was no difference..lol

this was taken this am and yes, that is snow on the ground
https://lh6.googleuserconten t.com/-O3COqjLYdmU/Tnf5F9qDCAI/AAAAAAAAAwU/K8ueGSgg4FM/013.JPG

i dont like how the sleeve look in the pattern, so i modify it a little. i made the sleeve with 122cm length and added a shorter cuff, love it wayy like this.
http://lh6.googleuserconten t.com/-ITWKSaXDxmU/Tnf5GYkBtCI/AAAAAAAAAwY/p31Z8BsFji0/014.JPG

i added elastic on the back to cut down a bit on the wideness.
http://lh5.googleuserconten t.com/-dN7KoVP2vY8/Tnf5GQC46WI/AAAAAAAAAwc/pz6JkDIZanM/016.JPG

i didnt use snaps, but used soft velcro, but i think the zipper in the pattern is too short, so i'd definitely pick a zipper that is at least 1" longer next time.
http://lh3.googleuserconten t.com/-8a5qK5Ew7_Q/Tnf5If82UII/AAAAAAAAAwo/FZ2bDDHTQgs/028.JPG