View Full Version : Design 25 Windy outdoor jacket

11-21-2009, 07:39 PM
Size 98-134cm

Post your pictures and notes about this pattern here!

07-15-2011, 09:50 AM
in 98cm, LOVE this pattern, wasnt sure for slim fitting boys b/c it does look like a tent from the pic but it actually fits my ds (chest 21", waist 19") very well. its roomy enough that its appropriate for layering without compromising style..but there's nothing drabby with this coat. the details are all amazing and worth it. its not too hard to sew.

i made some mods, the lining pieces calls for it to be cut like the shell pieces but for the front piece, i join the small pieces together before cutting and for the back piece, i pleated the pattern piece before cutting. so i only had the front + back pieces + both yokes for lining, and of course the sleeves and hood pieces.

i also didnt sew the hood opening with elastics, but had it with cord stop, the hood seems a bit short for my liking, but it could be b/c of his 53cm head, i might add at least a good 1.5" to the hood edges next time.

https://lh5.googleuserconten t.com/-fxaGRNEoSGQ/TiBLu9RZU2I/AAAAAAAAAs0/e5FK-JPGxjg/006.JPG

https://lh3.googleuserconten t.com/-hA3D2thqfwA/TiBLu0Ev9EI/AAAAAAAAAsw/6hlbWdUkWyk/005.JPG

03-16-2015, 08:32 PM
another one, this time in 116cm width and 122cm length. plenty wide but a GREAT stylish jacket for the boy. i added primaloft one as insulation for a bit of warmth and it works well without any added alteration.

https://lh6.googleuserconten t.com/-G9BPECBgf7A/VQOlro9EPsI/AAAAAAAACHw/b5Ink4GK3VA/s359/019.JPG

https://lh6.googleuserconten t.com/-6p5h2g7o_pk/VQOlqfTp9NI/AAAAAAAACHo/R71OfXk39T8/s433/017.JPG