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03-10-2009, 09:55 PM
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Awesome Sewing Mama Discount?
Yes, April does offer items to SMs at a discount frequently Look and Feel
Beautiful Site! Wonderful Pictures, Descriptions and an amazing amount of knowledge is shared! Prices
Awesome Delivery/Shipping
9-14 days Customer service/return policy
April is readily available for ANY and ALL issues you might have! Details
I ordered a 222K Featherweight for myself and 221 Featherweight for my daughter. I specified that I wanted the 222K to be an 8 or 9 in condition and the 221 could be in poor cosmetic condition because my husband planned to strip it down and paint it lavender for her. April quoted me a fair price for both that included SO many extras I really feel I got an amazing deal. She handmade the bed protectors and used fabric based on information she gleaned from my e-mails and posts. She included a custom made accessory bag with the 222K that is nothing short of breathtakingly perfect, with fabrics I would have picked myself! She took such care with the packing that opening our boxes was better than Christmas Morning for both me and my daughter! It took me an hour to carefully unwrap everything and notice all the details that April had lovingly poured in to every piece she packed up. Every piece was hand wrapped in brown craft paper and tied with beautiful cotton rick rack. EVERY piece was clean, shiny and included a sample! My embroidery darn included a sample with my NAME!! embroidered on it!! The machines where EXACTLY as described and pictured-no unpleasant surprises there! Even the cosmetically imperfect 221 was in amazing condition-clean, polished, carefully tuned up and tested! April cares SO much about the details and her clients that it made purchasing from her one of the most satisfying shopping experiences I have ever had. She offers layaway which I was glad to take advantage of while I waited on my tax refund. She was readily available for any questions I have. When I need to know how to use an attachment her website has beautiful clear pictures and descriptions to guide me along the way.
In my opinion, April is the DIAMOND Standard in Featherweights, Singer Attachments, and Customer Service. Her ethics, her attention to detail, and her professionalism are simply unmatched. I am confident that anything I buy from her is something that she has personally tested and has passed her very high standards for quality and ease of use.

The entire transaction was a joy from start to finish.
Not only did I get two amazing machines with an amazing array of attachments, accessories, manuals, handmade gifts, touching personal attention, and the best packing job I have EVER come across, I got something a lot more valuable than what I paid for. A Friend.
Thank You April :hug2: Thank you!