Final days of the stash game!

The Stash Game is in its final days!

Here’s how last week shook out:
Top Ten Points - week 3
1. thelittlesewingshop
2. Topview
3. Elphaba
4. limegreenvw
6. OneBusyMama
7. charlene
8. quartercentury
9. momtoesther
10. kpfjpf

Top Ten Yards Sewn - week 3
1. kpfjpf
2. Topview
3. thelittlesewingshop
4. charlene
5. quartercentury
6. OneBusyMama
7. Elphaba
7. rxclothing

There weren’t as many weekly submissions for week three as there were for week two. I don’t know if people forgot to get their numbers in, or if they are just keeping their totals secret until the end of the month…

This is the first game where we’ve kept yardage separate from point totals, and we’ve simplified the rules tremendously. It’ll be interesting to see how the game totals end up.

If you’re sewing, remember, you have until Midnight in your timezone on the 28th to get those items done! Make sure you grab those Monthly Challenge and Christmas Challenge bonuses this month for an additional 5 points each!

How’s your sewing going this month?

Happy Sewing!

Sewing or shopping?

I’m in a shopping kind of mood. has Amy Butler fabrics on sale this weekend.

Cameo Harriet’s Kitchen and Forget Me Not in the Sugar colorway are nice, but I also really like Forget Me Not in midnight blue. Hmmmm…
Amy Butler Cameo Harriet's Kitchen SugarAmy Butler Cameo Forget Me Not SugarAmy Butler Cameo Forget Me Not Midnight

Ooh! The Forget Me Not comes in voile! Maybe a lightweight skirt or top for summer?

I love the colors in the Gypsy Caravan line. I wish Spring would hurry up and get here, I’m so over cold and snow. Think a charm pack would give be enough for a patchy skirt?

This Paradise Garden with Bali Gate from the Love line maybe for a bag – or the beginnings of a quilt?

This is one of my favorite combos – Paradise Garden and Sunspots -

Plus, Robert Kaufman fabrics are 20% off through Monday – I love these:
Dress Up Mannequin Vintage Teal (This one comes in an antiquey charcoal and offwhite colorway, too.)

Vintage Couturier Sewing Box Ecru

Vintage Couturier Sewing Box Brown

I should stop now, before I also add all of these to my cart…
Vintage Couturier 2 Machines And Buttons CharcoalVintage Couturier Buttons And Embroidery Thread NaturalVintage Couturier 2 Machines And Buttons Spring
Vintage Couturier 2 Mannequin CharcoalVintage Couturier 2 Notions GardenVintage Couturier Sewing IvoryVintage Couturier 2 Notions Charcoal
But really, wouldn’t they be great for sewing room accessories? Machine covers, pin cushions, a little bag for sewing on the go? What would you make?

You can still get an additional 30% off clearance fabrics with the coupon code posted on their site!

Are you sewing this weekend? What are you making?

Happy Sewing!

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Sewing with Ottobre Patterns: 4/2006 issue, shirt #31

A quick pattern review for you today. :)

Top from Ottobre 4/2006

When I went to cut this pattern out, I realized it needs 2 cuts of the front piece for the crossover. However, there wasn’t enough of the fabric I wanted to use to cut two. Instead of making a mock crossover and attaching the binding of the top layer to the mock bottom layer, I opted to eliminate the neck binding and just use the extended front shoulder on both the left and right.

The fabric is a Fresh Produce french terry knit that I dyed bubblegum pink last summer. It came as a white-on-white print and dyed wonderfully.

I normally make a size 146 for my daughter and did that in this top. It seems this pattern runs a little small. The sleeves are just barely long enough. I omitted the elastic gathering at the sides because I didn’t want it to be any shorter in the body. With the current sizing, this top will only get a handful of wearings before it is retired. Good thing Spring is supposed to come in a couple months!

All the pieces lined up easily, and making the change to use one piece in the front was simple enough. It’s a pattern worth making again, just in a bigger size. I’m leaning towards making the front so it only looks like two layers. My daughter’s school is pretty warm and she really doesn’t need the extra layer.


Size – It seems to run a little small.
Design – Good, everything matched up where it was supposed to.
Make it again? – Yes, but size up.

Happy Sewing!

Are you sewing? Week One of the Stash Game is coming to a close!

Just a bit of time left for those sewing in my timezone for the first week of the February Stash Game!

Hopefully those of you who are playing are doing better than I am. I managed to finish this, though –

Big Sister Machine Applique Complete

I haven’t washed it since I finished it, so the lettuce edge is going to curl more once it runs through the laundry, but I’ll let my sister do that.

How are you doing? Sewing up a storm? If you’re just stopping in, feel free to join, you can just start wherever you are. :) Here’s a link to more info in the forum.

Happy Sewing!

A little bit of sewing

I’ve been working on the forums lately, and making bad faces at my embroidery machine as I tried to get this applique to stitch out nicely.

Big Sister Machine Applique Shirt

This one’s still not perfect, but after multiple stitch-outs, I’m calling it good. I’d also like to get it in the mail to my niece while it might still fit her. :)

So, today’s question – turn under and hem the sleeves and bottom or lettuce edge them?

Happy Sewing!

Tutorial: Cargo Pants Pockets – 4 different ways! (Last in the 4 part series)

This tutorial is the final one in a series of four that shows how to make 4 different kinds of cargo pockets to add to pants. This handy how-to was contributed to Sewing Mamas by Monica (Mnemonics on the forum).

To add these pockets to pants, sew the outer leg seam of the pants pocket and then sew the pocket in place on the side. Sew the inner leg seam after the pocket is attached. For each pocket, the starting fabric size is given, but feel free to adjust the size to your liking for the pants you are making.

Four Different Cargo Pockets – Pocket Four: Pouch Style Pocket

I cut the fabric for this pocket at 9″ x 9″
Pouch Pocket Step 1

Turn the top end under and sew.
Pouch Pocket Step 2

Fold up the fabric at the corner matching raw edges. Mark the depth you want the pocket to be plus seam allowance – I used 1 1/2″. Mark a straight horizontal line on the fabric. Repeat this for the other end of the pocket too.
Pouch Pocket Step 3

Sew both ends where you markings are. Turn the pocket right side out – this is what your pocket looks like right now.
Pouch Pocket Step 4

Turn under seam allowances on the three edges of the pocket. Press with iron.
Pouch Pocket Step 5

Place pocket on the desired place on pant piece. Pin in place and sew (easier said than done :-)). This shows the top view of the finished pocket.
Pouch Pocket Step 6

Bottom view of the finished pocket. You can stitch the top side edges down if you want the top of the pocket to lie flat.
Pouch Pocket Finished

Cargo pocket 4 is ready….. and now you know how to make four different kinds of cargo pockets for pants!

Happy Sewing!


<--- Back to Part 3 in this series ** OR – grab a pdf of the whole series from our Downloads!

Tutorial: Cargo Pants Pockets – 4 Different Ways! (Part 3 of 4)

This tutorial is part three in a series of four that shows how to make 4 different kinds of cargo pockets to add to pants. This handy how-to was contributed to Sewing Mamas by Monica (Mnemonics on the forum).

To add these pockets to pants, sew the outer leg seam of the pants pocket and then sew the pocket in place on the side. Sew the inner leg seam after the pocket is attached. For each pocket, the starting fabric size is given, but feel free to adjust the size to your liking for the pants you are making.

Four Different Cargo Pockets – Pocket Three: Fold to the Left, Fold to the Right

I cut the fabric for this pocket at 7 1/2″ x 9″
Deep Cargo Pocket

Turn the top edge under and sew
Deep Cargo Pocket

Fold under seam allowance on the other 3 edges and press with iron.
Deep Cargo Pocket

Fold the the left and right sides of the pocket over to the size you want the finished pocket to be. I turned it under 1 1/2″. Press with iron.
Deep Cargo Pocket

Topstitch the left and right edges.
Deep Cargo Pocket

Open out the edges of the pocket at left and right.
Deep Cargo Pocket

Deep Cargo Pocket

You will sew the edges of the pocket to your pant piece by placing it underneath the topstitched fold of the pocket on either side. Hopefully that will make sense as you look at the rest of these pictures. Sew where it’s pinned down.
Deep Cargo Pocket

Repeat on the left side of the pocket.
Deep Cargo Pocket

When the left and right sides of the pocket are sewn to the pant, sew the bottom edge of the pocket. The part of the pocket that’s attached to the pants is hiding behind the original topstitching.
Deep Cargo Pocket

The finished pocket. If you want you can sew the top side ends of the pocket down to keep the top of the pocket flat.
Deep Cargo Pocket

That’s it! Now you have three different kinds of pockets to add to your cargo pants. We’ve got one more coming!

Happy sewing!

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February’s Sewing Challenges

I can’t believe it’s February already. Of course, it’s freeeeezing here in the Midwest, so hopefully things will go well with the groundhog tomorrow and spring will come early. I’ve never really understood that whole thing – if he sees his shadow, we get more winter, right? But if he sees his shadow, doesn’t that mean the sun is out, so shouldn’t that mean we get spring? Of course, if you were the groundhog and you came up from your cozy hole in the ground to see a whole bunch of people waiting for you, would you stick around? Ack! We’re doomed to winter!!

Did you finish January’s challenges? Yes? Good job! No? Well, it’s a new month, let’s just pick up and carry on. :)

First up, the Monthly Challenge for February 2013:

February – Take time for you!
We’ve made it through the hustle of the holiday season, and the kids are back in school. Sometime before you find yourself knee deep in Valentine’s crafting, (or after you’ve given up on vacuuming up all the glitter!) take the time to make something for yourself. A new top or bag, perhaps? Or a new pair of yoga pants to go with your New Year’s Resolution to get healthier? You deserve it!

Yoga time!

Image credit: lululemon athletica

Second, our February Christmas Challenge!

February’s Christmas Challenge:
Make a table runner, wall hanging or doll quilt with a Christmas holiday or winter theme.

It just so happens  that you can pop over to the forums today and sign up for the winter doll quilt swap that’s happening this month. Sign up to swap a doll quilt or wall hanging so you’ll be committed to getting it done! (Hurry, today’s the last day to sign up!)

Here’s a lovely table runner made by Lily, whose work is found on Flickr at cascade_lily
Christmas07 002


Happy Sewing!

ps – here’s a link if you can’t make it to Punxsutawney, PA to scare the groundhog in person and want to watch him from the comfort of your home.

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